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Unique Heating ElementUnique Heating Element

Unique Heating Element

This electric insulated element helps to optimize the heating process as well as to safe the anode and the tank. Due to the electrical insulation the heating element will not be recognized by the tank as a failure which leads to the fact that the anode is not working against the element.


Up to 40% less Heat Loss

Comparisons between our high quality tanks and most of the US tanks have shown that our tanks have up to 40% less heat loss over night than most of the US brands.

10 Year Warranty10 Year Warranty

10 Years Limited Warranty

PREMIUS is giving a 10 year limited warranty of their products right away without additional costs.

Solar & Electric Storage Tanks

Electric Storage Tanks Solar Storage Tanks
Technical Data
Electric Storage Tanks
Technical Data
Solar Storage Tanks

Our Water Heaters Are Protected Internally By Means Of A Unique Anticorrosion Layer Cristal Enamel.


2013 - Now

Start of production PREMIUS Tanks

The new tanks were shipped to licensing. New production lines were set up. The PREMIUS opened its sales office in the United States.
2011 - 2013

test phase

After the completion of the conceptual first tanks were built. Likewise, new materials and production methods were tested.
2009 - 2011

Research & Development

Existing products have been tested and evaluated in the laboratory.
2008 - 2010

Evaluation of products on the U.S. market

The American market was analyzed and evaluated. Then the first concepts were developed.

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